The Company


To become the premier producer of quality agricultural products, through innovative farming practices.


To produce the highest possible quality of food in optimum quantity in a nature-friendly manner.

Our commitment is always to quality at every stage of production; care for our products and the environment in which they are grown; and leveraging on our knowledge, expertise and innovation in our production techniques and packaging concepts.

The Future

Phase 1

    1. Establish multi-purpose farms in Lahore and Mansehra, which will serve as primary farms. These will also be used for R&D activities and at a subsequent date for warehousing, product processing and showcasing.

    2. Farming of flowers and ornamental Plants.

    3. Farming of vegetables through Intensive /tunnel farming during the off season.

    4. Fruit farming – Picking, Packing and Sale (through leased orchards and/or direct purchase) for domestic and foreign (South-East Asia, Middle-East)

Phase 2

    1. Scale up operations by purchasing additional farm land further away from Lahore or other urban centers.

    2. Extensive mechanized farming along with intensive high yield and off season farming.

    3. Acquire land or fruit orchards on long term lease or acquire land and plant orchards to cater to established demand through development of a customer network.

    4. Food Processing such as concentrates pulps / purée, marmalades and pickles etc.

    5. Introduction of organic farming.

Phase 3

    1. Develop a multi-purpose processing facility at the primary site near Lahore where different activities and products can be introduced gradually.

    2. Further diversification into other areas such as dairy farming etc.

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