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Palm trees symbolize joy, happiness, life and its continuance. Palm is one of the most familiar plants and is often used as a symbol of the tropics. Palm plant belongs to a family of monocot flowering plants which has approximately 202 genera and 2,600 species. Considered to be amongst the oldest varieties of flowering plants, palms are native to tropical and subtropical climates. Some of the most common palms are date, coconut, and areca nut.

Palm has a number of uses ranging from the practical to the decorative. The trunks of the palm have been used since ancient times to build catamarans or special boats. Palms produce coir ropes, mats, and bags, and palm oil is extracted from palms, along with palm wine.

Palm trees are also popular as ornamental plants and there are several varieties used for landscaping purposes. Some of the notable examples of palms used for ornamental purposes vary widely in shapes and heights and include Australian Fan Palm, Cabbage Palm, Silver Saw Palmetto Palm, Lady Palm, Cane Palm, Date Palm, Dwarf Palmetto, Canary Island Date Palm and Pygmy Date Palm.

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